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'Strength' Mandala Stencil 740

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'Strength' Mandala

Feel the power and strength of this mandala in you when you focus on it. This Strength Mandala is the inner part of our Sun Mandala, focusing on the inner strength we have in our hearts. The inner strength to move forward in our lives, overcoming limits and boundaries we feel are hindering us. Bringing us courage and helping us feel secure in mind, body and spirit.
Place this Mandala on area you can see everyday and focus upon it when you feel you are needing these qualities in your life.

Matching stencils are #733 Tile and #734 Border and Corner (Also #691 'Sun' Mandala)
If you would like all of these as a package, please send us a message in the required sizes of each and we will gladly work out a great package price for you.

Please Note: The stencil cut will be made to the best maximum fit of the size ordered, and the design scales to the size ordered. Please see the drop down menu for more detail sizing if applicable. If you are unsure or need a specific size please send us a message