Soy Tealight Candles - Bugs Be Gone - With Essential Oils

Soy Tealight Candles - Bugs Be Gone - With Essential Oils

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'Bugs Be Gone' handmade soy tealight candles - Box set of 6

Swat! Ouch! Itch! Repeat! Not anymore! These cute tea light candles can help with keeping those bugs and insects away from you. We love nature, but don't always want those uninvited guests on our bodies, right? A super blend that will help keep pesky mosquitoes, sandflies and flies away from us. 

• Citronella, basil, eucalyptus, cedar, lavender, cinnamon, tea tree, peppermint essential oils, citronella fragrance oil
• Natural candle colour
• Natural coconut and soy blend wax
• Clear polycarbonate tealight containers 17grams each
• Burn time approx. 4.5 hours each
• Warning and safety instructions on back of box
• Beautifully boxed in white matte cardboard

Safety Warning: Failure to follow instructions could result in fire, hazard or injury. Never leave a candle burning unattended. Avoid exposure to drafts. Keep out of reach of children, pets and flammable materials. Container will be hot when candle is lit. Place on a heat resistant and stable surface. Never move candle while burning. Store candle in a cool dry place below 25˚, out of direct sunlight.