Lotus and Lime Signature Scent Crystal Infused Essential Oil Body and Room Spray

Lotus and Lime Signature Scent Crystal Infused Essential Oil Body and Room Spray

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Lotus and Lime 
'signature scent'
Crystal Infused Essential Oil Body and Room Spray

OMG, absolutely our favourite body and room spray in our home. It's chilled, yet uplifting with is good vibes of nature. It's not too feminine so great for the males in the house as well. Its fun and yet soothing scent will help balance out the vibes around you, and yourself. The combination of florals and citrus is sure to please everyone.
A gorgeous blend of pink lotus, blue lotus, lime, frankincense, lemon myrtle, juniper berry essential oils, infused with rose quartz & peridot crystals, purified water & alcohol. 
Our range of Crystal Infused Essential Oil Body and Room Sprays are handmade by us with love. So much care and energy has gone into each blend to work with your body, mind and spirit. Each one is blended and created by us when you order so they are fresh to be longer lasting. We only use certified 100% essential oils and natural oils in our blends.

Created by an aromatherapist and crystal energy healer, our unique sprays not only leave you and your room smelling luscious, but hold pure healing intentions within. Each spray has uniquely been created with a purposeful combination of crystals and pure essential oils that work together in harmony for its purpose. They are absolutely divine in every way!

  • Certified 100% essential oils
  • Ethically sourced crystals and/or stones that have been cleansed and energised
  • Purified spring water
  • Alcohol
  • Green glass bottle with white plastic lid
  • Approx 50ml
  • Shake bottle before use - hear the crystals inside mixing it up!
  • Spray from 30cm away of body
  • Spray sweeping across the room as required
  • Keep away from eyes
  • External use only
  • Do not apply directly to fabrics or decor
  • We advise you to please refer to the ingredients for any sensitivities. Some essential oils are not suitable for pregnancy or infants and children under 3 years, please use with caution. Our blends are not meant to take the place of medical advice.

Store in a cool dry place out of sunlight.  External use only.

Please note that as we hand make these so there will be slight variations.