Open Heart Metal Hanging

Open Heart Metal Hanging

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Sweet open heart hanging

Product Dimensions: 8x7.5x0.7 cm
Product Material: Metal

Hearts are fundamentally filled with warmth and being an enduring symbol of love, it always makes its way into every possible celebration - be it a home coming, a baby shower or an anniversary. What can be achieved with few well - formed hearts in your decor can actually play an important role in decoding the look you would want to have also for your holiday season ready home.

Delight your interiors with the presence of hearts with this simple but endearingly beautiful handcrafted piece that combines the shabby vintage design with a modern kind of twist. It is made of metal in silver tone with just the outer ring present while in the middle of it is a tiny trinket like plain metal heart. The outer rim of the heart shaped hang-able accent is all white and gold in colour with thin ridges as its main pattern. The touch of golden colour lends it a beautiful ornate feel while the white adds to its vintage charm. It comes with an hang-able provision that will help you place it anywhere in need of a cheery presence. The height of the piece is 8 cm while its width is a mere 7.5 cm. The burlap twine with which it is suspended adds to its obvious charm - very rustic yet ornate in its own way.