Flameless Candle
Flameless Candle

Flameless Candle

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Product Dimensions: 5x8cm
Product Material: Wax, Plastic

If you have always loved the look of flickering candle lights and how they seem to melt away the worry lines from anyone faces and also help dilute the rough edges and lines with its mellow lights, here is just the right illumination option for you - albeit without the fuss and the hassle that waxy, dripping candles bring with them. A fuss free option that gives you the same ambient lighting, powered by batteries and helps you enjoy the joy of a soft light on special evenings.

Forget the fear of wax dripping down the sides of the candles, or the fear that you will have not just enjoy the benefit of that kind of special lighting but also you would have no fear of children or pets being harmed by wax spillage. This battery - operated option looks just like the ordinary paraffin wax candle, being made of the same material and when the light is switched on, imbues the space with the softest most dramatic kind of lighting. All of 8 cm in height the candle is 5 cm in diameter and could be used along with several of these in clusters for a more dramatic kind of lighting. The realistic kind of shape and the dancing kind of flame are the reasons the look of this flameless battery - operated candle catches your imagination. An absolute delight, without the usual fuss and the pitfall of having a real flame and waxy residue. The elegant addition to your corner, the console or your very own bedside, just got a whole lot more easy to maintain and reuse.