Crystal Energy Grid - Life Mandala - Small
Crystal Energy Grid - Life Mandala - Small
Crystal Energy Grid - Life Mandala - Small

Crystal Energy Grid - Life Mandala - Small

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Life Energy
'for all things in creation'

This stunning Life Crystal Energy Grid is the way to expand your creative energy. Want to create a beautiful life, a business, a piece of art? This is the grid of expansion and manifestation. All beings are connected, all things are connected in creation, therefore you can tap into the energy that connects them sending out the ‘I can create...’ to the universe. This grid is made up of repeating circles, squares, spirals, all connecting and ready to create and expand in energy ready to work with your chosen crystals.


  • Travel Size 15cm diameter Crystal Energy Grid
  • Material is a natural hardwood plywood, 3.6mm
  • Variations in wood grain per item will differ
  • Laser engraved main grid design on one side
  • Includes an information sheet on your chosen Crystal Energy Grid
  • Includes an information sheet on using our Crystal Energy Grids
  • Includes a bag for safe keeping

Our Lotus and Lime Crystal Energy Grids are a perfect way to increase the power of your crystals and intentions, more so than a single crystal. They are formed by creating geometric patterns to enhance the vibrational energy of the crystals and to help them work in harmony for generating or releasing that energy.

The sacred geometry and geometric patterns in our grids unite the heart, mind, spirit, and material with science. Everything in nature is made up of patterns and structures, having their own energetic vibration. These energetic vibrations in the grids enhance the energetic vibrations in the crystals. Together, they create powerful healing and manifestation.

Use our Crystal Energy Grids to enhance your manifestation and intention setting, healing, grounding or attracting the right energy to you.