Calm and Serenity, Alleiviating Stress A - Crystal Energy Grid Pack
Calm and Serenity, Alleiviating Stress A - Crystal Energy Grid Pack
Calm and Serenity, Alleiviating Stress A - Crystal Energy Grid Pack
Calm and Serenity, Alleiviating Stress A - Crystal Energy Grid Pack
Calm and Serenity, Alleiviating Stress A - Crystal Energy Grid Pack
Calm and Serenity, Alleiviating Stress A - Crystal Energy Grid Pack

Calm and Serenity, Alleiviating Stress A - Crystal Energy Grid Pack

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A beautiful pack carefully chosen to soothe any trauma going on in your life. Gentle, yet uplifting, this pack will help bring in an energy of comfort and healing whilst dispersing the negative. The energy will help provide and calm and serene environment, perfect for your home or workspace.


Crystals included:

  • Amazonite
    Heart Chakra. Soothing. Calms the brain and nervous systems. Blocks stresses. Balances feminine and masculine energy. Soothes emotional trauma. Dispels negative energy. Helps manifest universal love. Aligns physical body with a etheric. Alleviates worry and fear. All over wellbeing stone.

  • Turquoise
    Throat Chakra. Protective. Brings well-being. Uplifting. Water and air elements. Gentle detoxifying, improves immune system. Works beautifully with lapis lazuli. Helps receive higher spiritual guidance and direction. Calming. Can bring peace and higher energy to relationships. Improving and attracting wealth. Purifying. Dispels negative energy. Stimulates romantic love. Stabilises mood swings. Helps in depression, exhaustion and panic attacks. Enhances intuition. Seeing the beauty in things.

  • Blue Lace Agate
    Throat Chakra. Soft, calming and cooling energies. Brings peace of mind. Nurturing and supportive. Neutralises anger, infection and inflammation. Assists in verbal expression of thoughts and feelings, counteracting mental stress. Brings deep peace and honesty. Releases blocked self expression.

  • Clear Quartz
    Crown Chakra. Powerful healing. Energy amplifier, raising energy to the highest level. Enhances psychic ability. Aids concentration. Stimulates the immune system, bringing body into balance. Reduces stress. Helps with pain. Harmonises all the Chakras. Protects against negativity. Powerful crystal for manifesting intentions. Opens communication. “I am crystal clear on my intentions and goals”.

  • Green Aventurine
    Heart Chakra. Positive stone of prosperity. Protects against environmental pollution. Defuses negative situations. Reinforces leadership qualities and decisiveness. Promotes compassion and empathy. Stabilises mind. Enhances creativity. Stimulates perception. Comforting and healing. Brings well-being and emotional calm. Encourages regeneration of the heart. Brings harmony. Balances the feminine and masculine energies. Growth and expansion.

***Please note: The crystals may vary in shape and size slightly as image shown is a representation of what you will receive in your pack. The crystals are intuitively chosen for the energy of your intention upon ordering.


Crystal Energy Grid

Seed of Life
Sacred Geometry

The Seed of Life is one of the basic sacred geometry shapes. It contains the secret of the seven days of creation....7 overlapping circles that build outward, forming a flower-like pattern that has been used since ancient times in many cultures around the world. Said to be a template for everything in existence; all geometric forms can be found within it. In sacred geometry circles represent cycles, as well as encompassing things. A beautiful grid for manifesting and balancing. To help you re-create who you are and help you attract new wonders of creation into your life.

  • 30cm Round
  • Material is a natural hardwood plywood, 3.6mm
  • Variations in wood grain per item will differ
  • Laser engraved main grid design on one side
  • Laser engraved Lotus and Lime logo small on the reverse side
  • Includes an information sheet on your chosen Crystal Energy Grid
  • Includes a white organza bag for safe keeping

The crystals and precious stones in each of our packs are carefully and specifically chosen to create harmonic relationships with each other, including the chosen grid for the intention.
You can of course change the crystals and add others as you like. We have included a guide image of a suggested layout with your specific pack, but as you start and feel into the grid and your intention you may choose to place the stones in a different layout, and include your own stones.... there is no hard rule - just go with your heart and feelings. Our beautiful Crystal Energy Grids are made from a natural hardwood plywood to ground your crystals as they work with the energies of nature.
To further enhance and set a beautiful space to use our Crystal Energy Grids, some packs may include incense, oils, candles, and nature. You can add these and include your own elements as you feel what’s right for you and your intention for the Crystal Energy Grid that you lay out.
All our packs are provided with general instructions and guidance to help you on your journey into using Crystal Grids, but there are many resources to help you, so please research and explore the information and possibilities that’s out there as knowledge is key to success, and I can only share with you what I know and intuitively guide you at this time.  The benefits of using Crystal Energy Grids are endless, and I hope you love and enjoy working with them as much as I do.

With love, peace and light, Annette x