Business and Career - Success and Prosperity - Crystal Energy Grid Pack
Business and Career - Success and Prosperity - Crystal Energy Grid Pack
Business and Career - Success and Prosperity - Crystal Energy Grid Pack
Business and Career - Success and Prosperity - Crystal Energy Grid Pack
Business and Career - Success and Prosperity - Crystal Energy Grid Pack
Business and Career - Success and Prosperity - Crystal Energy Grid Pack
Business and Career - Success and Prosperity - Crystal Energy Grid Pack

Business and Career - Success and Prosperity - Crystal Energy Grid Pack

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A beautiful pack carefully chosen to help you attract the right balance of energies to help you succeed in your goals in business, career opportunities and ventures. Whether you are working from home, are wanting to work, have a current successful career you are wanting to still further enhance, or have an idea you would like to turn into a business this pack may help you attract the right energy for the journey.


Crystals included:

  • Clear Quartz Generator
    Crown Chakra. Powerful healing. Energy amplifier, raising energy to the highest level. Aids concentration. Reduces stress. Helps with pain. Harmonises all the Chakras. Protects against negativity. Powerful crystal for manifesting intentions. Opens communication. “I am crystal clear on my intentions and goals”.
  • Green Aventurine
    Heart Chakra. Positive stone of prosperity. Protects against environmental pollution. Defuses negative situations. Reinforces leadership qualities and decisiveness. Promotes compassion and empathy. Stabilizes mind. Enhances creativity. Stimulates perception. Growth and expansion.

  • Red Jasper
    Root Chakra. The stone of endurance and stability. Stimulates energy, strength and stamina. Empowerment. Brings new ideas. Mood stabilizer. Enhances health, vitality and passion. Brings courage. Assists in healing. Aids spiritual grounding ad meditation. Relieves stress.

  • Golden Iron Pyrite 
    Solar Plexus Chakra. Highly energetic. Wakes up space, and brings optimism. Solid and grounding, radiates positivity and truthful energy. Shields negative energy from you. Promotes clear mental state. Helps in business endeavours. Provides physical stamina. Attracts the energy of wealth and abundance. Solar energy. Protective.

  • Jade
    Heart Chakra. Nourishing healing. Soothing. Purifies your energy field. Protects and supports loving heart energy. Symbolises gentleness and nourishment. Loving and accepting yourself. Aligns self with balanced harmonious energy. Protection. Good luck. Dreams and goals. Creating wealth. Attracting more friendships. Increases love and nurturing relationships. Encourages wisdom. Channels passion constructively.

  • Sunstone
    Crown Chakra. Yang. Stimulates strength and vitality. Brings light of the sun into the body and the aura. Attracts abundance. Alleviate stress and tension. Good vibes. Brings good opportunities. Good luck. Heightens intuition and contact with spirit guides.

  • Citrine
    Solar Plexus Chakra. Helps strengthen self-esteem. Brings positive, vibrant flow of energy. Helps improve digestion and strengthens physical endurance. Wealth attracting. Personal power. Aids manifestation, imagination and personal will. Clears the mind. Stirs the soul into action. Dispels negativity. Positive feelings. Stone of abundance. Assists in money ventures and financial situations. Attracts money. Sparks creativity. Soothes family issues. Attracts love and happiness.

  • Carnelian
    Sacral Chakra. Helps with accomplishing goals. Increases courage and motivation. Helps build loving, trusting relationships. Provides new opportunities and hopes. Improves situations. Improves health, energy and fortune. Helps with anger, fear, and sorrow. Leads you in the right direction.

  • Smokey Quartz
    Root Chakra. Grounding and anchoring. Raises positive vibrations. Link to earth. Antidote to stress. Assists elimination and detoxification. Relieves fear. Lifts depression. Brings calmness. Dissolves negative emotions. Promotes concentration.

***Please note: The crystals may vary in shape and size slightly as image shown is a representation of what you will receive in your pack. The crystals are intuitively chosen for the energy of your intention upon ordering.


Crystal Energy Grid

Metatron's Cube
Sacred Geometry

Metatron’s Cube is a sacred geometrical symbol that forms a map of creation. It contains every shape that exists in the universe created by spirit, and those shapes are the building blocks of all physical matter, known also as Platonic solid. Metatron’s Cube is derived from the ancient structure of the Flower of Life and is named after the Archangel Metatron. Used as a tool for meditations that promote peace and balance.  A beautiful grid for all crystal energy layouts especially personal transformations.

  • 30cm Diameter Crystal Energy Grid
  • Material is a natural hardwood plywood, 3.6mm
  • Variations in wood grain per item will differ
  • Laser engraved main grid design on one side
  • Laser engraved Lotus and Lime logo small on the reverse side
  • Includes an information sheet on your chosen Crystal Energy Grid
  • Includes an information sheet on using our Crystal Energy Grids
  • Includes a bag for safe keeping

The crystals and precious stones in each of our packs are carefully and specifically chosen to create harmonic relationships with each other, including the chosen grid for the intention.
You can of course change the crystals and add others as you like. We have included a guide image of a suggested layout with your specific pack, but as you start and feel into the grid and your intention you may choose to place the stones in a different layout, and include your own stones.... there is no hard rule - just go with your heart and feelings. Our beautiful Crystal Energy Grids are made from a natural hardwood plywood to ground your crystals as they work with the energies of nature.
To further enhance and set a beautiful space to use our Crystal Energy Grids, some packs may include incense, oils, candles, and nature. You can add these and include your own elements as you feel what’s right for you and your intention for the Crystal Energy Grid that you lay out.

All our packs are provided with general instructions and guidance to help you on your journey into using Crystal Grids, but there are many resources to help you, so please research and explore the information and possibilities that’s out there as knowledge is key to success, and we can only share with you what we know and intuitively guide you at this time.  The benefits of using Crystal Energy Grids are endless, and we hope you love and enjoy working with them as much as we do.

With love, peace and light x